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Boing, Boing, Boing!!!

HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

I am the fun-loving baby of the bunch!!

(My petpet!!)

Mommy adopted me not too long after she first started neopets.  I have been a bundle of joy every since (I know this because I am the cutest and prettiest of all my brothers and sisters, why else would she adopt me, huh?!) 

(A plushie of me!!)

 When mommy found me, I had no abilities and I was dying of hunger.  Never put your pet up for adoption if you don't want it to suffer!!  Now I have a real family who cares for me.  Mommy want to adopt some more neopets, but she's already reached her limit.  Why don't you try and adopt one?

(My favorite toy!! I sure do like green!!)




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