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Hi, I'm RoyalDream, the cutest neopet in the world!!  I used to be a blue Eyrie, but after an unfortunate accident with a Magical Meerca Plushie, I was given this new makeover.   Wistlyangel, my slave/owner, was kind enough to empty her bank for me after the disaster occurred.  First, I got changed into a yellow poogle, then into a purple poogle, then into a fairy poogle!!

(One of my favorite toys!!)

(My petpet!!)

Knowing the you can't stand the power

of my cuteness for very long,

I'll introduce you to my brothers and sisters.


BurgandyDream the Eyrie

TrixiesLittleHelper the Meerca

FerralBeast the Kougra


These are my two cousins.  They belong to



SnarfleBunny the Uni

PrickleEars the Lupe

Aquamarin1502 the Kau

Android17 the Gelert

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