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Snarflebunny's Page



I am a gorgeous yellow Uni with a perfect horn and bright and shiny perfectly polished hooves.

Let's face it, I am PERFECT!!

(Ooooo!! Yum!!)

If you don't think so, then you can take it up with my mommy.  She can beat you up and feed me chocolate at the same time.  (She better feed me chocolate or I will pout and stamp my hooves and refuse all other foods!!)  I'm not picky (even though my mommy tells me so every day), I will eat any kind of chocolate you give me!!

 (Poogle's are my favorite  chocolate snack!!)

(My petpet SugarPuff!!)

(A adorable plushie of me!!)

(Just about the only thing I'll read.)

 See ya around Neopia!!


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